CD Rocket Science

The production started early in 2013 as a pilot for more CDs. The first recording has been made in Hamburg at the Soundport Studio. Additional recordings were done with Tommy's mobile studio. Mixdown and mastering were made in Bologna at the Fonoprint Studio. CD Release concert was in the midth of the year at the Hamburg Main Station. Adequately to the song topics there were a big gig at DESY in Hamburg.

CD Blue #2

The production began in October 2013 at the Perfect Fourth Studio in Ann Arbor near Detroit. The project will approximately last until the end of 2014. On top of the blues Blues CD Blue #2 there is enough song material for more CDs.

More CDs

There are plans for a german version of CD Rocket Science as CD Raketenwissenschaft. There also will be a german EP Rocket Lover. Other music ideas will be realised as follow up.