Aya Takeda

Aya Takeda is mezzo soprano. She sings on a regular base lead and backing voices at concerts and recordings. Sometimes she also cares for the percussion.

Cat Cameera

Cat Cameera sings lead vocals on the single "Rocket Lover" in alto.

Chrissy Hat

Chrissy Hat sings alto and joined the project Blue #2 as songstress.

Franziska Raduenzel

Franziska Raduenzel is mezzo soprano. She sings on a regular base on concerts and recordings lead and backing vocals.


Maggy joined in April, 2015 as vocalist.

Martina Plieger

Martina joined in 2016 as vocalist.

Matu Kahja

Matu Kahjy supports the project as a guest songstress with her awesome blues voice.

Maxime Bonet

Maxime Bonet sings mainly the backing vocals on CD Rocket Science in alto.

Tommy Blue

Tommy Blue sings bass and bariton. At different sessions worldwide he performed e.g. music from an Adele cover to own blues ballads: Crossover music touching your heart. Stages were e.g.

  • 2010: Blue Monday in Ithaca/New York
  • 2011: Singer/Songwriter Debut in Vancouver/Canada
  • 2012: Open Mic in Beijing/China

and of course almost weekly on some of the Hamburg stages in one of the various clubs.