CD Blue Blue #2

The production began in October 2013 at the Perfect Fourth Studio in Ann Arbor near Detroit. The project was lasting approximately three years. It was so much work (and of course also fun) to get all notes and tracks to a unique and perfect state. The mixdown of the first three songs will be done at in LA together with my own Mobile Studio. Another two where also mixed in the United States by Chad Mauldin Production. All other tracks where mixed and mastered by Tommy itself.

The CD Blue #2 will publish all Blues songs which have been created during the current project. This will be a mixture of old songs from the 1970's and actual songs reflecting the current life situation of Tommy.


CD Blue Nr. 2

The Blues CD "Blue #2"

Production Tommy Blue

Recordings: Perfect Fourth Studio Ann Arbor/Michigan (Ryan Yunck)
Recordings: Mobile Studio (Tommy Blue)
MixDown: (LA) with Mobile Studio (Tommy Blue)
MixDown: (TX) with Mobile Studio (Tommy Blue)
MixDown: Mobile Studio (Tommy Blue)
Mastering: Mobile Studio (Tommy Blue)
Music and Words: © Composed and written by Tommy Blue

The Songs

1. - 9.

About death, about love and about life

Tommy's Blues Songs from 1970 to 2015
Lead Vocals Tommy Blue and Friends
Backing Vocals and Speach Tommy Blue and Friends
Lead Guitar Tommy Blue's Friends
Rhythm Guitar Tommy Blue's Friends
Lapsteel Guitar Tommy Blue
Piano Tommy Blue and Friends
Organ Tommy Blue and Friends
Saxophone Tommy Blue's Friends
Violin Tommy Blue's Friends
Bass Guitar Tommy Blue's Friends
Drums Tommy Blue's Friends